Land Package
8000+ hectares
Deposit Type
Brine deposit
Salta Province, Argentina


The project is situated in the Diablillos salt flat, in Los Andes department, Salta Province. The area is bordered to the north by the Centenario-Ratones salt flat, to the south by the Cerro Colorado or Diablillos, to the east by the Cerro Incahuasi and the Cumbres de Luracatao and to the west by the Cerro Ratones, which separate it from the Hombre Muerto salt flat.

UT Minera Sal de los Ángeles is integrated by Salta Exploraciones S.A and Potasio y Litio Argentina S.A. The duration period of UT is until May 2044. The operator of UT is Salta Exploraciones.

Currently, there are seven evaporation pools in operation covering a combined total area of 70 hectares. They are continuously supplied with brine from a flowing artesian well located 5 km south, with an average volumetric flow greater than 110 m³/h.

A new mining camp has been built for the construction stage of the UT which can accommodate 55 people with kitchen and dining facilities. The acquisition of the final operation camp of UT is in process and will be operational once construction works are completed.

Salta Exploraciones S.A. has installed a model laboratory “in situ”, with capacity for efficient sample analysis: (i) of virgin brine and highly concentrated lithium brines, using state-of-the-art technology and equipment which will optimize the operation of the pools; and (ii) of polymetallic solids.


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Location Map

Av. Sarmiento 447, A4400ERE, Salta Capital, Argentina
(+54) 0387 4218489
Hanaq Argentina
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